In creative endeavors the imagination operates in juxtaposition with form. When these endeavors are successful, it is because imagination infuses form with its own vitality. The question is: How far can we let our imagination loose? Can we give it rein? Dare to think the unthinkable? Dare to conceive of, and move among, new visions?"

—Rollo May (in The Courage to Create)

Creative Writing

Natalie conducts workshops in creative and transformational writing in North America and Europe. Each workshop reflects a different facet of Natalie’s interest in what happens at the confluence of creativity, self-awareness, and spiritual practices such as meditation.

The sponsors of these workshops range from major universities to local centers for the arts, and from diverse writers' groups to educational institutions such as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. (A list of sponsors is available upon request.)

Natalie has also published short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and book reviews in such literary (and other) publications as Knock, Natural Bridge, Sisterhood: Women Across Cultures, Sofer, and 13th Moon. She has developed a four-step method for using the writing of fiction to heal from a crisis in faith. She is also the author of The Spiritual Alchemist (Albuquerque: River Daughter Press, 2008), which builds on the work of Carl Jung and includes a CD for the guided meditations.

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