Natalie offers consulting to Ph.D. and postdoctoral students, social scientists, and other professionals, usually through the universities, research institutes, or other organizations with which they are affiliated. These organizations contract with Natalie for a specific number of days or weeks following one or both of her academic writing courses (see Writing Courses). Natalie then adjusts her consulting to the specific needs of each individual.

Her consulting work includes:

  • pre-writing discussions of focus, structure, audience, or line of argumentation
  • mid-writing troubleshooting on problems with language, structure, style, or argumentation
  • post-rejection analysis of problems, and discussion of strategies for rewriting, reorganizing, strengthening, or completely revamping a paper or chapter
  • consideration of strategies for all papers at the "revise and resubmit" stage
  • discussions with anthology editors on everything from drafting the best possible “contributor instructions” to troubleshooting language and structural problems midstream

Given the amount of time that detailed, in-depth consulting involves, Natalie offers these services to those who have taken one or both of her academic writing courses or who have read Getting Published in International Journals and clearly applied all of its writing strategies to their initial drafts.

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