Natalie Reid (MA, TESOL) teaches English language skills throughout Europe and the U.S., specializing in the areas of academic writing, journal analysis, and technical writing.

Getting Published in International Journals Book

Natalie Reid offers comprehensive consultations and customized on-site courses to a clientele comprising both native and non-native speakers of English. Since the early 2000s she has focused primarily on teaching academic writing to, consulting with, and editing papers and books for European social scientists and other professionals.

She is most recently the author of Getting Published in International Journals: Writing Strategies for European Social Scientists, Revised Edition (Albuquerque: Professional Publications Press, 2018). This unique book gives its readers the analytical, contextual, and structural tools—along with stylistic tricks of the trade—for achieving their publication goals. It reveals the unwritten rules of English academic rhetoric and discusses them within the context of the different and unconscious expectations accorded both readers and writers within the English linguistic community (The Book).

As Prof. Jon Kvist writes in the new preface, the revised edition "brings even more added value.... While all the additions are extremely useful, perhaps most helpful is the enhanced explanation of Anglo-American argumentation.... Moreover, the more detailed explanation of how academic writers begin and frame their introductions is especially useful. [This book] takes us by the hand, explaining both why this academic writing task is critical and how we need to structure it."

Natalie’s skills and services span the five major categories of consultation, course design, instruction, writing, and editing. Her services include:

  • consulting on all phases of the writing process, from concept development to the final finished product
  • assessing and troubleshooting problems in focusing, organizing, sequencing, and writing
  • designing and delivering academic and technical writing training programs and curricula for the academic, corporate, and public sectors in Europe and the U.S.
  • editing professional papers, books, resumes, grant proposals, and technical documents for those who have either taken her courses or read and applied the strategies in Getting Published in International Journals

Her interdisciplinary work combines applied linguistics with functional grammar and the psychology of reading, and she brings both linguistic principles and rigorous analytical and editing skills to bear on all areas of the written language.

Natalie provides maximum training in minimum time. She has helped dozens of European writers get their papers published in the professional journals of their choice.

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